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item in backpack on cellphone moving from bottom to top of backpack (ratio off) when switching landscape/portrait
swipe and drag function allowing drop into bag

player swimming out of water like jackass after swimming up
when swimming backwards underwater surface ripples are made
not easy enough to do double jump on cellphone
leaving boat makes camera go nuts on cellphone (sometimes?) camera got upside down once//MIGHT be fixed
after changing boats there is an issue with turning sometimes
player stops for a second before landing into water
target health bar acts stupid while character spinning fast (looking in air and turning)
player collision detection stops working after leaving game in background for a while (in water still quirky)..but could the player tread water that long without running out of stamina and dying anyway?
normal player fall code is twitchy (probably calling trace function multiple times)
jumpspeed too fast on cell phone FIXED
mousewheel not working now
landing with feet in ground
player playing walk animation when walking into 'walls" now
a)don't allow double jump is too close to wall

TO DO.................................................................
fix bug with switching boats and left trun

add running animation
make 2dish leaf textures darken with night cycle because flat poly's lighting looks very bad
I'm starting the game with a calm ocean any time the player logs in for a short delay no big deal for now..
experiment with changing textures..
make gui use "transperant" materials with render in front of all checked
look into calculating shading of generated mesheshes.. possibly copying normal info from hidden triangles
fix night sky overlay position when on boat.. especially rear facing view

make waves, spashes, and bubbles
make player rise and fall with waves when swimming on top of water

play land animation after fall without jump

lesser TO DO.....................
get rid of blank line cursor thingi when I'm in scripting mode NO BIG DEALEO
check collision detection code to make sure it's not calling unnecessary traces between world updates (frames) IN PROGRESS..PROGRESS MADE
MAYBE GET tw turn left and tw turn right back in there (probably not worth it)

code get_by_name that checks for get_object_by_name(name,data ID)..sequential data ID's if object isn't found..

replace some of old code in cell phone movement for time being--also figured out a way to edit uploaded code
-so it will be easier to improve cell phone movement in the future(add slow and fast turning/walking)
-like an analog joystick one could say
fixed: player pauses before jump on pc but not phone
fix sun rotation/cycle that has come up, maybe from deleting a test var in day cycle code?
-seems like I had unparented the sun lense flair, I also made a universal day night cycle which will work for
-multiplayer and tweeked the sunset timing
rebuild game world from backups after possible data corruption? 
swim up and down with spacebar, controller, and cellphone
make ripples
make camera move to appropriate level when in region where water would divide screen DON'T SEEM TO NEED
make player check for water while standing so they don't play walk animation in place because water came and went FIXED
make underwater transluscent screen for camera //but I'm going to use it for other things (effects)
when player is near top of water move towards a proper level for treading water/surface swimming
add freestyle stroke and the elementary backstroke
make ship float on waves w/o player control 
trace before forward jump
b)move player up if double jump onto upward slope (use part where trace is made to check for ground)
instead of playing land animation mid air, trace and play when landed

LESSER DONE-- (but not always easier)
add to collision detection exception for teleporting so it doesn't move character down after teleport
make sipmle emulation of cellphone for pc so I can test phone functionality without uploading game


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